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Nine Patchs Body Care Device

Principles and Characteristics of instruments

Intelligent instrument is a high-speed computer equipment that has the whole body loss weight and fast partial one together, the host computer is controlled by the CPU logic process and fluorescent colour display high-tech digital system design, multiple analog automatically work process to finish the equipment control. Far-infrared instrument can be completed with 6 fat soluble sweep output mode, while using the latest film with a group of body weight belly bag, all accessories not only has the sweep of biological wave energy output, but also has far-infrared broadband microwave lipolysis, the metabolism of high-tech deep, and the use of modern digital technology, the temperature and the output intensity control of a more refined choice, feel more comfortable in use, the effect is more obvious, care more thoughtful, more perfect control, set a more professional and more powerful, the effect is more significant, to provide customers with safe, effective, quick body services, comprehensive help customers recover the perfect body, the centre has become the first choice of professional body.

Product characteristics:

1. directional weight: waist, abdomen, arms, legs, buttocks fat, where fat reduction where the number of by how much of the reduction.

2. body health: traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern technology combine to make your easy weight loss treatment, while the mediation of human blood, and a unique therapeutic effect.

3. the cosmetic effect: that can effectively lose weight, but also to restore and maintain skin elasticity of the original.

4. non-toxic no side effect: a scientific approach to healthy weight loss after your physical strong and energetic. And adjuvant therapy for obesity-related diseases, acne, melasma, gynecological diseases and arthritis, muscle strain and other diseases have a good effect.

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