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Optical Fiber Negative Fat-eliminating Instrument

General Introduction

For a long time, almost all the lose weight advertisements as a selling point for quickly reduce the weight, so, when people choose the lose weight projects or products, they measure by how it can reduce the number of kilograms. In fact, it is not comprehensive and scientific only by reduce the number of kilogram to measure the effectiveness We should know that the human body fat, fat accumulation is multifaceted impact on the outcome of the common, such as: excessive food intake and the corresponding lack of exercise, too large mental stress, endocrine disorders, in the accumulation of toxic waste, the circulatory system of meridians unreasonable delay, gas energy shortage of blood, bad living habits and eating habits, long-term consumption of drugs, etc., these are the causes leading to obesity. If we do not adopt the correct symptomatic treatment, only the pursuit of weight reduction, then the success rate of weight loss is not high, and even cause physical fatigue, malnutrition, decline in physical appearance and premature senility.

With the health method to have the health body shape is the idea for today's science loss weight, Implement curvedness achieve a healthy physical and mental relaxation good at the same time, more is the people's pursuit of fashion, science and healthy diet is not the main for reduce the weight, But by volume remodelling beautiful curve. Slimming equipment with high-tech security, health, painless and effect significant characteristics can be effective in helping obese people to achieve weight reduction successful.

GS6.9 fiber vacuum suction fat slimming slimming-fat high-end integrated microcomputer technology, ergonomics, c-Meridian TCM theory of physics, through infrared, vacuum, LED light, magnetic vibration and a series of physical therapy, act on human tissue enough, to improve physical health as a fundamental level, tom the purpose to reduce fat volume, to clear the meridians, and promote circulation, strengthen the body's metabolic functions, cured edema, defecate toxins, fat decomposition and strengthen the effectiveness of fat burning, slimming, bonny chest. skin beauty, beauty, detoxification, health at the same time. Only by improving the physical, symptoms of obesity will also be real change.

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