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QUZI 3+1 Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

A Brand-new Weight-loss Therapy
  • Inherits the essence of five thousands' years of Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment
  • Breaks through traditional Acupuncture treatment
  • Achieves revolutionarily a brand-new weight-loss therapy

QUZI 3+1 Comprehensive Weight Loss Program starts with a scientific body testing, including PBF, BMI, WHR indices, and a thorough analysis of overweight causes, follows customized weight loss plans for different individuals. "3+1" is:

  • 1. Natural energy stone: No Neele-Painless Acupuncture used to trigger your inner acupoints and adjust and balance your body system.
  • 2. Hi-Tech Fat-shattering Machine: Disintegrating fat cellulite and expedite the fat-burning process without exercise.
  • 3. Ancient Chinese Navel Mask: Helps to accelerate the fat removal and prevent constipation.
  • + 1. Rebound prevention: After treatment care that helps to prevent future weight gain.

Targeted Area Weight Loss Program

Our Targeted Area Weight Loss Program focuses on the parts, such as waist and abdomen, back, buttocks, legs and arms. The program helps to tighten skin especially for customers who have loose skin after the QUZI 3+1 Comprehensive Weight Loss Program.

The experiences of thousands of people who have used this therapy confirms that it brings visible weight loss - on occasion 6kg in one session and 15kg in one course of treatment
Testimonial by EM 2008
I used to be size 12, but a long period of stress made me put on weight. I suffered from severe pains in my joins. bloating and serious water retention, I realised that my BMI was well above what was healthy. I was growing out of size 14 by the end of 2006 and being only 160cm tall. I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable. How fortunate that I passed the "Slimwell" clinic in Golders Green one day. I started my first course of treatment with Magnetotherapy Acupuncure. As my stress induced problems with circulation and metabolism had troubled me far more than 5 years, It would take some time before the Acupuncture would work. Therefore I took 3 courses of treatment and I had already lost 12.4 kg in two and half courses. I also benefitd from the disappearance of my joint pains and improvement of my circulation and my body fat content was normal. I had limited health risks associated with over-weight. Slimwell is not only concerned with weight loss it also offers a solution for many health problems. I shall very likely return to make another effort to boost my circulation and metabolism.

There are more than 600 clinics, which are using the QUZI 3+1 method in China. Thousands of their clients have confirmed that this technique is effective in weight loss.


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